How to join the incubator

SEMIA assesses each application for the incubator along specific criteria.


On receipt, your completed application and project will be carefully considered.

If short-listed, you will be invited to a preliminary discovery interview about your project in order for you to let us know how we can help you, for us to better understand your idea, and to explain what SEMIA can offer.

The project will then be presented to the SEMIA panel who will ultimately decide if your project is accepted into the incubator. You will then be invited to sign our incubation contract.

Group Support

In groups of a maximum of 10 projects at a time, SEMIA will invite you to participate in a collective support programme, via our Starter Classes and Alsace Booter training course.

At the end of your group guidance programme, each project is evaluated by the SEMIA panel, which will look in detail at the progress made during this phase, as well as how ready your project is for the next phase: one-to-one support.

Successful projects will be presented to the SEMIA Commitment Committee in order to garner the support necessary to move forward with their project (the personalised one-to-one support is presented).

One-on-one support

18 months of guidance by a SEMIA Business Manager, as well as mentoring by a successful SEMIA alumnus (availability permitting), on all the questions you have about developing your startup.

The goal is to leave the incubator with a viable business, making enough turnover to be able to stand on its own two feet!

SEMIA Club: After the Incubator

All SEMIA alumni remain in touch and can network though the SEMIA Club.


Join the adventure, join the SEMIA incubator.

Join the adventure