17 years of experience
helping make your projects a success

SEMIA is there for you at every stage of the creation of your business, thanks to

coaching, training courses, a strong community of

entrepreneurs and thanks to our inspirational space.

World-class support for start-ups


A multidisciplinary team and a business manager at your disposal. Training and workshops to help your project succeed


A mentor from the SEMIA Club is assigned to each new project arriving in the incubator


The opportunity to join a community of SEMIA Club entrepreneurs and benefit from their feedback


Help compiling applications for funding and a marketing Launch Pack to help you hit the ground running.


The Academy, 1,800 m² (19 000 sq.ft.) in the heart of the Krutenau district in the centre of Strasbourg. Private offices, coworking, meeting rooms, event space and cafeteria.


Networking with experts to help you succeed.

Training courses
tailored to your needs

SEMIA trains startup founders and teams at different stages of their development.


The Starter Class is for anyone who has an innovative project, regardless of what stage it currently is at.

It is a comprehensive training course of 2 days per week for 3 months, which will allow you to test and confirm your project, develop entrepreneurial skills, and design the coaching program that you’ll follow with a SEMIA business manager over the next 18 months.

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Alsace Booster is a program based on the Lean Startup method.

This course is divided into 5 large modules including the two core modules which teach you how to develop a project whilst remaining in constant contact with its market.

The modules are spread over 17 training days, with the goal of taking a project step by step from its first users to its first revenue.


The ‘Springboard’ program will help you bring your innovative product or service to market.

Experts will advise you in how to define solid marketing and sales strategy, giving you the tools you need to find new customers.

At the end of program, you will have real experience in the field negotiating with leads.

the right space

SEMIA offers great office-space at a great price, allowing you to leave the loneliness of being an entrepreneur behind, and help you grow within our community of startups.



what is it?

“The Academy” hosts startups and support organisations, including the SEMIA innovative business incubator, the non-profits Grand E-nov and Accro, three complementary organisations to help bring innovative projects to fruition.

This synergy allows an integrated and fluid approach in guiding innovative projects and economic development in the region, from detecting innovative projects to deploying new innovative businesses.

how to find us

l’Academie - strasbourg

11 rue de l’Académie, Strasbourg, France

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KMO coming in 2018!


what is it?


Alsace needed a digital hub, and so KMØ was born! Different organisations in the region (including Rhénatic, an Alsace business association) came together to develop the local digital economy.

It’s essential to gather together to express your ideas and be heard. The KMØ represents a real opportunity to develop projects, startups and companies.

how to find us

KMO coming in 2018! - mulhouse

KMO, Mulhouse, France

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community support

The SEMIA community is composed to alumni, patrons, experts, volunteers, academic resources, public actors (BPI, the Région Grand Est, Alsace Innovation…) This community is engaged and accessible to help your project succeed.

Julien Lavault

Active entrepreneur in the comminity

Julien is the founder of FizzUp, who developed an online sport coaching app. FizzUp arrived at SEMIA in 2010 and the company was launched the following year. Within just a few years, this at-home coaching app already boasted 2 million members.

Today, Julien is actively involved in the incubator community: as Chair of the SEMIA Club, he shares his startup experience in our Starter Class training sessions. He also mentors new projects arriving in the incubator.


Volunteer expert

Eric Riehl has been a legal partner at the firm Mazars for more than 20 years. He guides startups during the set-up process and through their growth.

An active member of the SEMIA community, he volunteers his expertise to help startups in training sessions for the incubator and occasionally during expert sessions.