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Miraxess permet la convergence mobile grâce au Mirabook : un terminal passif qui permet de transformer le smartphone en PC portable sécurisé.

Créé le 3 novembre 2015


Niveau de maturité

  • Idéation

  • R&D

  • Minimum viable product

  • 1er client / 1ers utilisateurs

  • Commercialisation


Miraxess, innovating for mobile first users

As people increasingly rely on their smartphones to organize their personal and professional lives, it is becoming evident that the traditional computer has been replaced by the smartphone as the main servant of our digital needs. Our vision is clear, Miraxess unleashes the power of your smartphone, and make it the only computer you will ever need.

Site web : miraxess.com

Porteurs de projets

  • Yanis ANTEUR