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Dispositif médical plug-and-play facilitant l’utilisation des instruments chirurgicaux.

Créé le 27 juillet 2022


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Endoscopic technology was initially invented as a diagnostic tool and was only later developed into a therapeutic tool. As a result, the design of current flexible endoscopes can be a limiting factor in expanding the growing market of interventional endoscopy beyond expert centers.

AIDO’s solution is a much-needed addition to the tools of both expert and novice endoscopists wanting to perform interventional procedures.

AIDO’s drive unit design can integrate with any flexible endoscope and simplify the control of devices and instruments inserted through its working channel. This allows physicians to focus on further technical performance, team leadership, and patient safety. AIDO’s ergonomic design is the first product on the endoscopy market that optimizes usability and comfort.

This technology also enables novice endoscopists to learn how to perform interventional procedures faster while facilitating the opportunity for experts to push the boundaries of new techniques.

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