As part of the development of Fluorescence Image-Guided Surgery (FIGS), AstraNICE develops NICE technology without equivalent on the market and consisting in an ultra-bright fluorescent polymer intended to cover surgical instruments (compresses, clips, catheters…) for real-time visualization in the operating room.

Créé le 1 janvier 2023


Niveau de maturité

  • Idéation

  • R&D

  • Minimum viable product

  • 1er client / 1ers utilisateurs

  • Commercialisation


The surgery will enter in a new area to respond to the challenges that the surgeon must face for a better visualization and for a better security of his gesture and his practices.

These challenges are responsible of an increased use of new imaging modalities such as Fluorescence which appears as a game changer, this imaging modality is indeed the solution for the future to augment the surgeon vision.

In this context, the manufacturers will adapt their offer to answer to the market and users ‘needs for the patient benefit. These practice and market changes will impact all the value chain from surgical consumable, small instruments until robotization and 3D modelization (augmented reality).

AstraNICE is proposing to magnify  products – compress, endoscopic clips, catheters…) – thanks to NICE patented innovative technology, fluorescent, versatil, polymer, adaptable to any subtracts.

Porteurs de projets

  • Sandrine Ropp - COO

  • Michele Diana - CMO

  • Andrey Klymchenko - CSO

  • John Volke - CEO