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Braintale mesure le cerveau de façon universelle pour permettre la bonne prise en charge clinique et améliorer l’efficacité des études cliniques en neurologie et réanimation.

Créé le 11 juillet 2018


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Illuminating brain diseases

Braintale opens a new era to offer clinically validated, standardized and unique set of solutions to provide better care for brain injured patients.

BrainTale is a medtech spin-off from Paris Hospital specialist in white matter, a long-underestimated area of ​​interest in neurosciences.

The company offers its users – doctors, university hospitals and partners in the health sector – a platform of unique digital biomarkers, which can be employed in daily practice. Biomarkers are derived from magnetic resonance imaging, non-invasive measurements providing sensitive and reliable assessments of white matter alterations. Objective: establish a new standard for measuring the brain that is both relevant and useful for patients, doctors, researchers, and commercial players developing treatments.

Supporting clinical decision-making, these data are decisive for neurology and intensive care management using clinically validated predictive solutions.

BrainTale allows the identification of patients at risk, early diagnosis, follow-up of disease progression and effectiveness of treatments in neurology, in particular for demyelinating diseases (such as multiple sclerosis), neurodegenerative diseases (such as Alzheimer’s disease) or trauma brain injury.

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