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We empower independent game developers to create better games, stronger communities and more profits.

Créé le 26 octobre 2020


Niveau de maturité

  • Idéation

  • R&D

  • Minimum viable product

  • 1er client / 1ers utilisateurs

  • Commercialisation


Next Generation Gaming with Web 3

L3V3L is a next-gen publisher connecting game studios with player communities. Our mission is to help studios thrive in the next-gen gaming with web 3 (but done the right way!) by innovating in game funding, tech support & concepting. We help make games more interesting by extending meta gameplays which incentivize players to spend more and stick longer with your games.

Our game backend is the easiest way to get familiar with web 3 possibilities adapted to real-life gaming use-cases. We’ve finalized a fundraising round to extend our tech capabilities as well as our support to new studios to get new gaming experiences out there.

Site web : l3v3l.games

Porteurs de projets

  • Jérome Wurster