Digital - Industrie numérique Spatial

SaaS dédié à l'idéation, conception et pilotage de toutes missions spatiales.

Créé le 30 avril 2020


Niveau de maturité

  • Idéation

  • R&D

  • Minimum viable product

  • 1er client / 1ers utilisateurs

  • Commercialisation


The first cloud platform for space missions

Leanspace is a Platform-as-a-Service that allows space organisations to develop their bespoke software systems, fully integrated, ready to scale, and fast.

First of its kind, it abstracts the complexity of building software systems for satellite control, hardware testing or ground network management, enabling them to be more competitive by
increasing their agility and lowering their costs.

Site web : leanspace.io

Porteurs de projets

  • Guillaume Tanier